The reason we are parents.

Oh. My. Kids. I don’t think you can ever describe parenthood until you are there, knee-deep in the mess of it and just trying to thrive survive each day. You want to do the best for these tiny humans, but even when you’re doing parenthood right, it often feels like you are falling short. Or even failing altogether. This stuff is hard and real and beautiful.

Our family is created through adoption. Let’s add some complexity to that…inter-racial adoption. We are always learning and sitting with our feelings in this family. Our babies are still young, so while the physical demands are many, the emotional demands are still minimal-ish. But, it doesn’t stop us from trying to prepare ourselves, teach ourselves and be ready for each age and stage that our littles will pass through. Come along and learn with us as we navigate the challenges from parenthood to race to adoption to everything in between. I guarantee it will be an adventure.