5 Simple & Memorable Valentine’s Day Crafts

Even the busiest of moms will have time for these DIY crafts.

If you’re anything like me, you might Pinterest all the most A-MA-ZING holiday crafts for your kids to create…and then never seem to have the time or energy to actually do them. Every holiday I think I will have more time or more energy than the last one and it just never seems to happen. After too many holidays of feeling like a kid’s crafting failure, I have devised a whole new game plan for holiday DIY with kids. Here is my secret. I find the most simple…yet memorable…holiday craft and do exactly ONE of them. Yep, just ONE single craft. With this new strategy I have made the sweetest memories to look back on over the years while keeping my stress level at a minimum surrounding the holidays. These crafts are guaranteed to be easy for mom, fun for the kids and leave behind a memory that can be cherished for years to come when your littles turn into bigs.

Family Handprint Art

Our first Valentine’s Day as a family of four.

Moms all love handprints, right? I cherish looking back at handprint art and seeing how those sweet, tiny hands have grown over the years. This simple handprint craft is one of my most favorite ideas because it captures handprints from the whole family as a single precious moment in time.

Supplies: white cardstock (or thick) paper, four acrylic paint colors, 8×10 frame, marker

Saltdough Glitter Handprint

I did this craft one year and yes, it’s slightly more work than a family handprint with paint, but these salt dough glitter handprints make the BEST gifts for grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, teachers and all those special people you may want to show some extra love to on Valentine’s Day. I promise you won’t regret this craft in ten years when you’re budding teenager is giving you side-eyes 24/7…you can look back and reminisce to sweeter times.

Supplies: salt dough recipe, glitter, glue, paint, paintbrush, quick video (salt dough directions)

Heart Fingerprint Art

DIY Fingerprint Heart Art for a Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

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If you haven’t discovered fingerprint art for kids, you are missing out…check it out…and you’re welcome! (P.S. Grab some fingerprint-friendly ink pads too.) We are fingerprint art fanatics in our household and if you know us, then you have definitely received some form of fingerprint art from my kiddos. Some sweet Valentine’s Day heart art is a great way to make some memories for kids of all ages. P.S. If you have young kids…and you are a control-freak perfectionist…try your hardest to take a step back and let the kids lead. From one perfectionist to another – you will look back and cherish all those imperfections much more than a parent-helped perfect heart.

Supplies: fingerprint ink, paper, marker

Another sweet take on fingerprint heart art.

Eraser Heart Art

I stumbled across this sweet idea recently and added it to my must-do Valentine’s Day craft list. This craft could easily work with each kiddo doing their own eraser heart or give each kiddo one color and have them both work on the same heart. Either way it is a simple craft and sweet memory.

Supplies: cardstock paper, paper heart cut-out, pencil with clean eraser, paint (fabric, acrylic, etc….pending medium)

Compliment Hearts

I love you because…door.

The first four crafts focus on saving memories for us mamas, but will our kids cherish those crafts? Maybe…and maybe not. Here is a sweet and thoughtful craft that your kids are bound to cherish throughout the years. All it involves is cutting hearts and a few written words. Easy! So, what is this amazing idea? Cut out 14 hearts (large enough to write a short sentence). Write a compliment specifically made for your child on the heart. It can be as simple as “You are sweet” to something more specific like “Your knock-knock jokes always make me laugh”. Starting February 1st to February 14th tape one heart to your child’s door each morning and watch their faces light up when they feel the love from you. What an amazing way to connect with your child each day in a thoughtful way. I know in our house we plan on making this “I love you because…” door an annual tradition and maybe your family will too!

Supplies: colored paper, scissors, marker

I hope this Valentine’s Day is special for your family and you can look over at some simple and memorable craft from your kids and smile! What is your favorite holiday craft? Is there one you cherish over the all the others? Have you created any new family traditions based from holidays crafts? I would love to hear your thoughts!

5 Grab-and-Go, Low Carb Snack Ideas

Because sometimes you are on the run and need a snack.

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I never really thought much about low-carb snacking versus high-carb snacking before type 1 diabetes entered our lives. Of course, I knew eating carrot sticks was a healthier food choice then let’s say fruit snacks or chocolate chip cookies, but I’ve really upped my family’s low-carb snacking game since 2017. Here are my favorite low-carb snack ideas that both my T1D and non-T1D enjoy.

Organic Seaweed Snacks

My childhood snacking habits are a polar opposite compared to what my children eat…and I am so thankful for that. I was totally munching on some Cool Ranch Doritos and my kids are loving some Sea Salt Seaweed. Patting myself on the back right now for the parenting win. Some brands can have a strong seaweed taste and odor, but we love GimMe Organic Seaweed because of its mild taste and variety of flavor options from sea salt to wasabi to teriyaki. TIP: If your kid is a seaweed fanatic, you can buy GimMe Organic Seaweed snack packs in bulk on Amazon. I just scored a 20-pack which works out to $0.67/ package versus at our local grocer for $1.23/package. That is a savings of $11.01!

Seaweed snacks are a tasty low-carb treat for snacking on the go with kids.

Duke’s Original Shorty Sausages

I think my household contributes a good deal to their bottom line considering we eat our way through 3-4 bags every single month. These are the best snacks to tide over a hungry tummy until meal-time and they only have one carb for two “shorties”. Each serving contains 7g of protein and only 1g of sugar. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find jerky with minimally added sugar. Not to mention, this snack is so tasty! Also, if you accidentally leave them out and they harden, just slice them up and feed them to your dog as occasional treats. Zero food waste. We usually pick up a few bags of Duke’s from Costco or check them out here. 

Duke's Smoked Shorty Sausages are an awesome low carb snack for adults, kids and type 1 diabetes.

Shelled Pistachios

Why should pistachios be your new favorite snack? So. Many. Reasons. Did you know pistachios are…

  • Packed with omega-3 fatty acids which are important for growing (and older) brains
  • Loaded with the mineral phosphorus that produces energy and strengthens bones
  • A source of vitamin B6 that may improve cardiovascular health
  • An excellent source of antioxidants
  • A rich source of protein

Approximately 1 ounce of shelled pistachios equals 9g of carbs and contains 6g of protein. I usually feed my kids about half an ounce (5g carbs) and it still adds up to approximately 25 shelled pistachios. To them, it feels like a fun and filling snack. (TIP: If you’re snacker is older, buy pistachios with the shells. The time it takes to crack open the shell will slow them down and make the snack last longer.) You can usually buy these in bulk at your local grocer, Costco or check them out here.

Easy, Low-carb snack ideas for when you are on the go and want to eat healthy

Wella Bars

Oh my deliciousness! These aren’t necessarily low-carb…BUT, since the main ingredients are either almonds, hazelnuts or peanuts these bars tend to have a steadier effect on blood sugar instead of a sharp spike. They are tasty as a quick breakfast or as a side to a meal or even a bedtime snack. You can’t go wrong with Wella Bars. My kids love the Almond Cacao and Hazelnut Cacao flavors the most. Wella bars can sometimes be found at your local grocer. Costco usually carries a three-flavor variety pack (Cranberry Crunch, Awesome Almond, Powerful Peanut). Or you can order any combination of boxes directly through Wella Bar. If you sign up for automatic shipments you save 5% OR save 10% on your first order. (T1D Tip: I absolutely dose insulin for these snacks, but I halve the carb count when dosing. Safely experiment and see what works for you.)

Wella Bars are an awesome on the go, low carb snack for kids and adults.

Two Good Greek Low Fat Yogurt

Y’all…this yogurt ONLY HAS 2g OF SUGAR! If you have ever checked the sugar content of yogurt, then you are amazed right now. Let me brag on this yogurt even more because it deserves the accolades. Two Good yogurt…

  • Contains 3g of carbs and 12g of protein per serving
  • Is Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Tastes delicious and comes in 5 flavors: blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, peach and mixed berry

This yogurt is hands-down delicious! My kids are super fans and I feel good about feeding it to them because IT ONLY HAS 2g OF SUGAR. I have stashed plastic spoons in my purse and my car, so we are always ready for some yogurt when the mood strikes. So far, I have only been able to find Two Good at my local Target. If you want to save serious money, join Ibotta and receive a $20 welcome bonus AND $0.50 back on each Two Good Yogurt purchase (limit 5). (T1D Tip: We have found this to be a great protein option to help blunt a blood sugar spike before eating carbs. It is considered a low-glycemic food and scores a 34 on the glycemic index.)

So, what are YOUR favorite low-carb snacks? Let me know because we are always looking for more healthy snack ideas!

Easy, low-carb snack ideas for when you are on the go and want something healthy.


The reason we are parents.

Oh. My. Kids. I don’t think you can ever describe parenthood until you are there, knee-deep in the mess of it and just trying to thrive survive each day. You want to do the best for these tiny humans, but even when you’re doing parenthood right, it often feels like you are falling short. Or even failing altogether. This stuff is hard and real and beautiful.

Our family is created through adoption. Let’s add some complexity to that…inter-racial adoption. We are always learning and sitting with our feelings in this family. Our babies are still young, so while the physical demands are many, the emotional demands are still minimal-ish. But, it doesn’t stop us from trying to prepare ourselves, teach ourselves and be ready for each age and stage that our littles will pass through. Come along and learn with us as we navigate the challenges from parenthood to race to adoption to everything in between. I guarantee it will be an adventure.

Food my Toddler Wants for Breakfast

Because why wouldn’t you want to eat whip cream on a spoon for breakfast.

  1. Whip cream on a spoon. (Truth: I laugh…and then I say no because that is not a breakfast food. Then she asks again and I sweetly repeat no because that is not a breakfast food. Then she asks again and I still sweetly repeat no because that is not a breakfast food. Finally at some point she is melting down over the lack of me listening to her demands of whip cream on a spoon for breakfast and somewhere along the lines I not-so-nicely repeat no because that is not a breakfast food.)
  2. Ten pieces of popcorn in a pink bowl. (Ummmmm, yep you can totally have that because it is one of your healthier breakfast requests.)
  3. Only vitamins. (This wouldn’t be the end of the world if she would also eat the non-gummy vitamins…but, toddler. I have a love/ hate relationship with gummy vitamins.)
  4. Cookies. (I have found some alphabet cookies from IKEA called KEX that I most definitely call “cookies”. They are shaped like alphabet letters and taste like graham crackers. Cookies for breakfast while learning alphabet letters and sounds = Parenting win.)
  5. An entire can of black olives. (What’s the deal with toddlers and black olives? Thank you dear Costco for stocking Lindsay Natural Black Olives in a 6-pack.)