About Me

Hi. I’m Leeza. I’m an introvert by day…and by night. I like quiet and calm, but mostly because those two things are never present in a household with two kids under five…one auto-immune disease…and a puppy. I’ve lived on four continents and have a nomadic heart. I became a mama through open adoption and am trying my hardest to raise two culturally-competent kids of color. In our house, we love the beautiful and messy and complicated…and we sit with all the feelings over here with our motley crew. It is our perfect imperfection.

Mostly, I’m just another mom on a journey. A journey to raise exceptional tiny humans. A journey to live life with intention. A journey to declutter my messy home and live minimally. A journey to be kind to Mother Earth…take better care of myself…have a passion-filled marriage…be a dear friend… In a nutshell, a journey to be a better a mom, better wife, better friend, better citizen…a better version of me each day. #Ihaveallthegoals!

It mostly feels like I take one step forward and two steps back, but it’s far better than staying still. Change is good. Grit is better. So, come along with me! Let’s fail and succeed together as we transform to be a little better each day.